You might think that just by having a website, that it’s automatically working for you.  The truth is, it might not be.  You have to be really open to the concept that your site might not be working as hard as you think it is.  I’m not looking at hits and conversions at this point, a much higher view than that.

To understand if your site is really working, you need to take a step back and ack what you really want your website to do?  Is it to promote something?  Are you getting enquiries?  Selling something?  Are you making sales?

You have to really know what your desired output from your website is, and is it actually delivering on this. 

It’s an awful process, but you need to start with what the worst bits of your site are.  No one likes the bad bits, but it’s worth focussing on, as if you can see it, then so can your visitors.  It’s also going to influence how they view your brand or organisation too, and we all know how crucial those first impressions are.  Outdated info, missing pages, incomplete content broken links and spelling mistakes are all elements that should be the highest priority to resolve.  It might sound basic, and common sense, but I’ve seen a plethora of unfinished and outdated websites in my time.  You probably wouldn’t go and meet new clients in torn, creased clothes, half dressed and with dirty shoes, (well I hope you wouldn’t) but its just what an the above issues say to your clients, when they land on your site.

Secondly, you’ve got to accept that today, is the worst your website will ever look.  What I mean by that, is you should always be making adjustments and improvements to it.  Always strive to keep it up to date, relevant and better.  A website should be a process, not a project, and you should definitely consider  putting some time into it, either each week or each month.  If it’s an eShop, then it should almost be a daily task.

Any time spent improving your site, or addressing the issues mentioned above is time well spent. It would also be beneficial to schedule time to update your website with new content, and a blog is a great way of achieving this.

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